MK, You're OK!

Random Reminiscences from MissionaryKid Land {#1}

That time when . . .

. . . our family lived in the world’s highest capital city, traveled to the top of the world’s highest ski resort, and visited the world’s highest navigable lake.

. . . the rainy season was in full swing and one particular mud puddle grew so big we kids could swim in it.

. . . a regular event of the evening (post shower) for our family was to sit around on our parents’ bed and dig niguas out of our toes with sewing needles—all properly sterilized, of course.

. . . my sister and I carried photocopies of our passports with us wherever we went, and at all times—because our parents had the originals, we were at boarding school hours away, and our host country was in the throes of civil war.

. . . I would walk outside the house, pick a mango as big as my face off the tree in the front yard, peel it with my teeth, and dig in.


4 thoughts on “Random Reminiscences from MissionaryKid Land {#1}

  1. Heidi, I forget where you grew up. We love MK’s–we have 2 of them! They both had birthdays this week and they are both well-adjusted and love being M.K.’s. I’m meeting with an M.K. here at George Fox. She is precious! Have a great day and week!


  2. Your blogs are so relaxing and encouraging to read after long hours of homework and schedules and the college demands! Thanks Heidi! 😊❤️🙌🏻


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